There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.  -Ella Wheeler Wilcox

It’s funny the little thing people call “Fate” and “Destiny.”  Ignorant little people trying to make ignorant little excuses to make their worthless lives seem significant.  There is no such thing as fate and destiny.  Those who are more powerful, more oppressing are gods to those under them.  It’s a never-ending ladder, a horrible chain of power and submission.  If you are not at the top then someone else is as your god.  They can control you, mold you as they see fit, treat you as they think you deserve, and forget you when you’re no longer interesting.

They once called me Shaedwyn, the Drifter.  I lived with my family, a sordid group of vagabonds, the lowest rung of all.  We survived by preying on the meek.  We, in our own rights, even as humans, were as wolves and jackals.  We scavenged and hunted our prey with the accuracy of the animals we became.

I am a wolf, now… as our “god” struck down our “fate” upon us.  Once human, we roamed the lands preying on the pathetic… but now we finally appear as we always were.  Issac DeVane, the art wielding Kaetif that cursed many humans in his time finally found us.  We were singled out for helping one of our own, Lorelei.  Issac, being Lorelei’s stalker, punished us for using her “Kaetif gift” for such wretched acts… or so he said.  Taking a few trinkets from the ignorant sheeple is nothing compared to the identity rape he thrust upon us.

They now call me the Crimson Fury; a wolf with the coat of blood and the appetite to match.  This is my story, the abhorrent tale of a human turned wolf in a kill or be killed world.

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