Only a few ways to contact Jakkal.  Please understand that Jakkal is very busy and has some kind of deficiency when it comes to answering emails.  No one knows why, she's just lazy with emails.  So please write, but don't be downtrodden if you don't get a response! 

Email: jakkal (at) kaerwyn (dot) com (Currently the most reliable)
jakkal (at) shifters (dot) org (Goes up and down like a yoyo.  This is her
paypal email account though, so if you'd like to donate...)

IMs:  None, they are of the devil


Chat Rooms:  #BlackTapestries on 6667 (You'll need a client to connect, or
You can use the BT Javachat)

#KaerwynOOC on 6667  (This is Kaerwyn's Out of Character Channel)

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